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Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Association, INC


The order of business shall be:
  1. Roll call of Officers and Directors
  2. Reading of minutes of the previous meeting
  3. Report of the Secretary
  4. Report of the Treasurer
  5. Report of the Executive Board
  6. Report of Committees
  7. Reading of Bills and Communications
  8. Unfinished business
  9. New business and new members
  10. Nominations or elections of officers
  11. Discussions for the good of the Association
  12. Adjournment


Should there be any change in the Constitution or By-Laws of the ARBA that would bring them into conflict with those of the OSRBA the rules or regulations of the OSRBA are automatically amended to conform to those of the ARBA and would take effect simultaneously.


The President of this Association shall appoint a Committee of five (5) members to revise and update the Constitution and By-Laws and incorporate all the resolutions adopted since the last previous revision. This appointment to be conducted at the direction of the President.


Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the parliamentary procedure of this Association on any points specifically not covered in the Constitution and By-Laws.


In the event of the dissolution of the Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. after payment of all outstanding bills & liabilities, the balance of the assets shall be divided equally among member clubs.

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