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Ohio State RBA
Mini Convention

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OSRBA Member Clubs

Buckeye Satin Raisers Mid-Ohio Rabbit Breeders Association Ohio Mini Rex Rabbit Club
Champagne D'Argent of the Great Lakes Mid-West Thrianta Rabbit Breeders Ohio Rex Rabbit Club
Defiance Rabbit Breeders Association Ohio Californian Rabbit Specialty Ohio State Dutch Rabbit Club
Hallmark Holland Lop Country Club Ohio Cavy Club Ohio State Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Club
Hardin County Rabbit Breeders Ohio Checkered Giant Rabbit Club Ohio State Netherland Dwarf Club
Huron County Rabbit Breeders Ohio Creme D’Argent Ohio State New Zealand Club
Lorain County Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Ohio Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders Penn-Ohio Rabbit Breeders
Medina Rabbit Fanciers Ohio Market Rabbit Producers Sandusky Valley Rabbit and Cavy Breeders
MI-OH Stateline Rabbit Breeders Association Ohio Mini Lop Rabbit Club Society of Ohio Sablers

Contact Amanda Hutcheson to become a member club of the Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Association. [Click Here]

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